3 reasons why working from the office is beneficial

3 reasons why working from the office is beneficial

While working from home has its benefits, many people are looking forward to returning to a physical working environment. Therefore, it is also important to consider the advantages of working from the office.

1. Whether you’re disciplined or not, it can be hard to manage work and home life when you’re working remotely. A clear separation between your work and home environment can ensure that one does not affect the other. Offices provide employees with the structure they need so that they can concentrate on the tasks at hand and be truly focused.

2. According to an article written by Ark Maran for Harvard Business Review (click here to read the article), another benefit from working in the office is collaboration. 

A remote environment makes it harder for institutional knowledge to propagate. During the course of a normal workday, short, informal conversations happen between employees. Remote workers must schedule every call in advance or communicate via text. Because of the extra effort, people may not share something informally, or question things as quickly, as they would if everyone worked together. As a result, the work environment is better for sharing information, and improves creativity also. Having a physical workplace creates moments that enhance project progress. For example, while thinking about a problem it may occur to you to ask a colleague a question which leads to a new and surprising solution. It could even be possible to develop a new service or product over coffee with coworkers, while taking a break.

3. A range of situations are experienced by employees in an office environment, which are a vital contribution to their development. It speeds up their professional development, resolves problems more quickly, and benefits the business as a whole when managers are present who can provide advice, suggestions, and support when needed.


COVID Testing today plays a vital role in keeping businesses secure, open, and operating.

To provide a secure environment in which people are not afraid to attend meetings, enjoy breaks with their colleagues, speak with their boss etc. COVID testing is essential.  It boosts the mental health of the employees and therefore their productivity also.


We offer a service which can be tailored to meet your needs:

•The type of test

•The number of people tested 

•The location

•The timeframe


We are proud to have the highest number (1.000+) of 5-star Google reviews of any Irish Covid testing service.

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We offer Fast Track PCR testing with results in only 1 hour.

We offer EU Covid Certs & RocDoc Covid Certs. 

Fit to Fly certs are available at our Co. Clare Facility.

Tested by Eurofins Biomnis Ireland, World Leader in Testing.

We also offer a VIP covid testing service. 


Our trained and qualified staff can provide RT PCR and Antigen testing. Each result comes with the necessary certificates. It’s fast and efficient and will give you peace of mind. 

Our trained and experienced staff can bring testing to you, at the office, hotel or other facility. 

We do the test, and we look after the rest, getting samples to our Lab, and results and certificates back to you as soon as possible.

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