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what is the coronavirus?
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COVID-19 Testing

With the current Covid-19 crisis and the need for both quick tests and reliable results, RocDoc Health Check is pleased to offer a dedicated testing platform.

Designed to meet the requirements of large organisations which may need to test their complete workforce, or an individual who wants a personal test and peace of mind. An appointment at one of our facilities or for bulk tests, RocDoc Health Check also has developed a mobile testing station which we can deploy to your location to provide testing on site.

The new COVID-19 test is designed to accurately detect the virus. The test has excellent performance results for samples with High to Moderate viral loads. The test and processing of results are returned on an average of 30 minutes* for detected cases, while non detected results are returned within 60 minutes*. By providing rapid results to patients and a quick diagnosis of detected cases, we aim to ensure a safe working environment for companies and help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

*These times refer to actual test analysis and not the time for the swab and preparation

RocDoc Health Check

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RocDoc has been based in Ashbourne since 2013, and during that time developed and expanded to provide a wide range of medical cover:

what is the coronavirus?

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