Antibody Test

  • Determine the specific antibody titer (level)
  • Results will be available up to 4 working days from the date of test 
  • Suitable for persons over the age of 12 years
  • Specificity: 99.98%, Sensitivity: 98.8%

If you require a test to make a diagnosis of a current Covid infection you should avail of one of our other tests:

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Antibody Testing: Dublin, Cork & Shannon.

At RocDoc Covid Check, we offer private Covid Testing including Antibody Tests, RT-PCR Tests and Antigen Tests. With our locations at Dublin Airport, Cork Airport and Shannon Airport  we can provide testing close to you all across Ireland. Simply create an account by clicking the Book Now button and select the test and location that suits you. 


Most frequent questions and answers

The Antibody test detects the IgG and IgM antibodies responses to SARS-CoV-2 spike (S protein). The spike protein may be present in either natural immunity or vaccine induced immunity.

The quantification of the antibody response can help determine the specific antibody titer. So in addition to being able to identify if an individual has present antibodies to covid, this also provides a value which can determine how much impact the antibodies have had. After a full Covid vaccination, providing the individual has had a sufficient antibody response to all Covid vaccines this should then show that the antibody uptake has occurred.
The specificity of the Antibody test is 99.98% with sensitivity of 98.8% (14 days or later after diagnosis with PCR).

  • Sensitivity: the ability of a test to correctly identify patients with a disease
  • Specificity: the ability of a test to correctly identify people without the disease
  • Immunoglobulin G (IgG): This is the most common antibody. It’s in blood and other body fluids, and protects against bacterial and viral infections. IgG can take time to form after an infection or vaccination
  • Immunoglobulin M (IgM): Found mainly in blood and lymph fluid, this is the first antibody the body makes when it fights a new infection.
  • Antibody titer: the levels of antibody found

While PCR is the most widely accepted form of testing we do advise that you check with your airline & country of travel before booking as the requirements differ from airline to airline and restrictions vary for each country. Some countries have stricter requirements & may not accept tests that are not signed by a practitioner. The requirements are constantly changing so we do recommend you check for updates closer to your time of travel.

*Please note that test results may take up to 24 hours.

Yes, you have the option to add them in. When you receive an email to say your results are back login to your profile, click “Request PDF Results Cert”, then select “Purpose of Test” and tick travel. This will allow you to enter your passport number & flight details which will then be included in your test results certificate. Your certificate will be emailed to you, but you can also download it directly from your profile. Remember to check junk/spam mail. These details on your results are now a requirement with many airlines.

Our testing is performed by RocDoc healthcare professionals who have all been trained in swabbing patients. 

No, unfortunately due to GDPR we cannot accept bookings & payment over the phone. Our customer service team can only assist with existing booking queries and rescheduling appointments. Please click Get Tested and create an account to book a test. Registering is free & takes just 2 minutes.

Our appointment calendar is live & up to date, so unfortunately the slots you see are the only available appointments. Regrettably, our agents cannot assist with opening new slots.

After you have successfully booked your test, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique test appointment barcode. Either print this email & bring with you to your test or have it ready on your smartphone. Be sure to check junk/spam mail for your confirmation email.

You will also need photo identification such as a passport/driving license. Without these items, you cannot be tested.

Yes, we do test children, however bookings must be made by an adult over the age of 18. Infants must be at least 3 months old to be tested. If the test is for an infant who does not have a passport, please bring the birth certificate for proof of identification.