Family Covid-19 testing

Family Covid-19 testing room at RocDoc
A day spent on an outing with your family should always be a special time. We like to see our children having fun themselves and as a family to spend “quality time” together doing interesting things. We know that for children play is also how they learn about things, other people and this fascinating world we live in.  
At RocDoc we are aware that we all learn and shape our worldview through experience. We are fully committed to ensuring that your family’s interaction with the “medical world” will be fun informative and leave them with positive Impressions.
At our Facilities we have designated family bays, where you and your family can be swabbed together.
Our trained professional staff are on hand to help children to be in control of the experience  and feel that the staff are considerate of their needs. It’s fun and relaxed and they get the age appropriate respect they deserve.

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